Kaspersky Anti-Virus Self-Defense

Because Kaspersky Anti-Virus ensures your computer protection against malware, malicious programs penetrating into your computer attempt to block Kaspersky Anti-Virus or even delete the application from your computer.

Stable performance of your computer’s security system is ensured by features of self-defense and protection against remote access implemented in Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus self-defense prevents modification and deletion of own files on the hard disk, processes in the memory, and entries in the system registry. Protection against remote access allows you to block all attempts to remotely control application services.

On computers running under 64-bit operating systems and Microsoft Windows Vista, Kaspersky Anti-Virus self-defense is only available for preventing the application’s own files on local drives and system registry records from being modified or deleted.

In this section:

Enabling / disabling Self-Defense

Protection against external control

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Self-Defense